Thursday, May 28, 2009

South Bay Sausage Tour, pt 1

I've been hearing about a couple of top notch sausage shops in the South Bay for a while now, so earlier this week my Dad and I decided to head south and check them out.

First up was Neto Sausage Co. in Santa Clara. This family run operation has been in business since 1948, bringing the family's secret recipes over from Portugal. Their current location is a no frills operation, with an outdoor grill and a small deli and market inside.

You order your sausage, which are patties not links, outside and then take them in to get your bread and toppings. You can also buy fresh sausages (in links) and a wide variety of cheeses, some Portuguese wines and an interesting variety of other foods, primarily Portuguese in origin.

The sausage patties are quite large and really tasty. My dad got Cajun and I went for the Italian. Looking back on it, I probably should have gone for a Portuguese variety to get the full experience, but I was enjoyed my Italian quite a bit. I'm not totally sure why they do patties instead of links, though I imagine it has something to do with getting the meat cooked evenly throughout. While I appreciate the fact that they're doing it their way, I prefer my sausage in links, especially for grilling.

Their are big things in the works for Neto, they're in the process of opening a full service restaurant and bar. I hope their awesome delivery truck makes it to the new location along with their sausage.

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