Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beer + sausage = awesome

I took a trip back to Oakland a few months back, and while I was there I swung by the Fatted Calf's new store in San Francisco. First of all, what an awesome shop. If you get the chance, go. Second, they have started making really great beer links, using their favorite craft beers. On my flight back to Austin, I thought about all the great breweries starting up in Texas and decided I had to import this idea.

So, without further ado, I'm proud to announce our Craft Beer Link of the Month. Each month, we will be making a sausage and a mustard featuring beer from the best breweries in Texas. The first six breweries we will be collaborating with are Jester King, Real Ale, Live Oak, Thirsty Planet, Southern Star, and Hops & Grain. On Saturday March 5th, we're taking our grill and heading to Thirsty Planet to kick things off. Come on out and get a Buckethead IPA Link with Thirsty Goat Mustard and enjoy some beer. We'll also be featuring the Buckethead Link all month at the HOPE Farmers Market.