Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HOPE Farmer's Market, this Sunday!

Here's a rundown of what we'll have available this Sunday at the HOPE Farmers Market (10am-1pm). You can pre-order items by emailing Please provide a phone number we can reach you at in your email. See you on Sunday!

4th of July Special!

Hot Dogs – aka Frankfurters aka Weiners aka YUM! Naturally Dolce Farms 100% grassfed beef and Richardson Farms pork $12/pound

Salumi (all Salumi made with Richardson Farms pork unless otherwise noted)

Genoa – red wine, pepper, garlic. $28/pound

Sopressata – white wine, chile, garlic. $28/pound

Chorizo – smoked pimenton, chili. $30/pound

Lomo - whole cured pork loin with chile and cumin $32/pound

Lonzino – whole cured pork loin with fennel, juniper and nutmeg $32/pound

Pancetta – whole cured pork belly with pepper & juniper $20/pound

Snack Sticks $3.50 Each

Genoa – red wine, pepper, garlic

Tuscano – fennel and pepper

Peperone – Naturally Dolce Farms Red Wattle pork with paprika and allspice

Pickles, relishes, etc (8 oz containers)

Pickled Fennel – Fruitfull Hill Farm fennel with thyme and lemon peel $7

Pickled Beets – Fruitfull Hill Farms beets, onions $6

Sweet Pickled Green Tomatoes – Springdale Farm Green tomatoes in a sweet and tangy brine $6

Kenny’s Pickled Squash – Finca Pura Vida squash, Chef Kenny Gray’s secret recipe $7

Pickled Watermelon Radishes – Fruitfull Hill Farm watermelon radishes, Tecolote Farm French sorrel $6

Grilled Eggplant in Olive Oil – Grilled Finca Pura Vida eggplant with chili peppers $6

Peperonata – Johnson’s Backyard peppers, capers, Texas Olive Ranch olive oil $7

Poached Peaches in Rose Syrup – Lightsey Orchards peaches $6

Grilled Peaches in Basil and Mint Syrup – Lightsey Orchard peaches $6

Fig & Balsamic Jam – home grown figs, balsamic vinegar, peppercorn $7

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shopping list

Kenny and I finished up the shopping for Friday's dinner this afternoon at the Triangle Farmer's market. I'm proud to say that we will be featuring nine different Central Texas farms on our menu! And now that we have all of our ingredients, here is the final menu:

Shared Appetizer Plate:
Grilled Finca Pura Vida Eggplant with Pure Luck Aged Feta Cheese
Slow Cooked Springdale Farm Zucchini Crostini
Roasted Peppers with Olive Oil
(Johnson’s Backyard, Finca Pura Vida, Urban Roots)
Boggy Creek Rocket
Springdale Farm Heirloom Tomato Salad with Boggy Creek Basil
Salt & Time dry cured Chorizo and Lonzino (Richardson Farms pork)

Main Course:
Whole Roasted Red Wattle Pig from Naturally Dolce Farms
Dressed Urban Roots Rainbow Chard
Kenny’s Chili Oil
Pickled Finca Pura Vida Mixed Squash

Lemon Drizzle Cake with Lightsey Orchards Peaches and Rose Syrup Compote and cream

There are still a few more hours to get advance tickets, and there will be a limited number of tickets available at the door! See you there.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big News!

I am very happy to announce that Salt & Time will be debuting at the HOPE Farmers Market on Sunday, July 4th. Its been a long time coming, and, frankly we can't wait! We will be selling all of our varieties of salumi, our pickled fennel and, in honor of the holiday, Hot Dogs (made from Richardson Farms Pork and 100% Grassfed Beef from Naturally Dolce Farms). We have a few other tricks up our sleeve as well, so make sure you come by and see us.

We are also excited to be returning to the Victory Grill for another Nourishing the Soul event on Friday, June 25th. The last event was a bunch of fun, and thanks in large part to help from my friend Chef Kenny Gray, a success. (Also instrumental in making it a success were my wife and my Dad and Erin from Wildflour Bakery and her mom. Families rule.) Kenny and I are working on the menu and will be announcing it soon. Hope to see you there.