Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm not so original...

A few months back my wife Natalie gave me a look of shock and horror and said "You want to become a butcher?!" To be fair, it's not unusual for her to shoot me looks of shock and horror, and they don't necessarily mean that she is actually shocked or horrified. Still, we had only been eating meat for a couple months after years of vegetarianism and veganism, and this was quite a bomb I was dropping. I though that being a former vegan turned wannabe butcher would make me a bit of an oddity; it might even give me a foot in the door with the butchers I hoped to learn from. It turns out, though, that far from being an oddity, I'm actually a bit late to the party. This article in Gourmet Magazine profiles a number of former vegetarians turned butchers. I have some ideas about what is behind this mini trend, but I'm going to wait a while before making any bold pronouncements on my nascent blog.

Nonetheless, I am undeterred by my lack of originality, and I'm setting out on a journey to visit, and hopefully learn from, some of the best butchers in the country. I'll be chronicling my travels as well as my experiments at home with meat, and occasionally other food groups as well. Oh yeah, the name refers to the two ingredients that can transform any number of foods, most notably cabbage and pork, into some of the tastiest morsels on the planet.

Photo of Fleisher's Meats courtesy of The Green Fork.

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