Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HOPE Farmer's Market, this Sunday!

Here's a rundown of what we'll have available this Sunday at the HOPE Farmers Market (10am-1pm). You can pre-order items by emailing Please provide a phone number we can reach you at in your email. See you on Sunday!

4th of July Special!

Hot Dogs – aka Frankfurters aka Weiners aka YUM! Naturally Dolce Farms 100% grassfed beef and Richardson Farms pork $12/pound

Salumi (all Salumi made with Richardson Farms pork unless otherwise noted)

Genoa – red wine, pepper, garlic. $28/pound

Sopressata – white wine, chile, garlic. $28/pound

Chorizo – smoked pimenton, chili. $30/pound

Lomo - whole cured pork loin with chile and cumin $32/pound

Lonzino – whole cured pork loin with fennel, juniper and nutmeg $32/pound

Pancetta – whole cured pork belly with pepper & juniper $20/pound

Snack Sticks $3.50 Each

Genoa – red wine, pepper, garlic

Tuscano – fennel and pepper

Peperone – Naturally Dolce Farms Red Wattle pork with paprika and allspice

Pickles, relishes, etc (8 oz containers)

Pickled Fennel – Fruitfull Hill Farm fennel with thyme and lemon peel $7

Pickled Beets – Fruitfull Hill Farms beets, onions $6

Sweet Pickled Green Tomatoes – Springdale Farm Green tomatoes in a sweet and tangy brine $6

Kenny’s Pickled Squash – Finca Pura Vida squash, Chef Kenny Gray’s secret recipe $7

Pickled Watermelon Radishes – Fruitfull Hill Farm watermelon radishes, Tecolote Farm French sorrel $6

Grilled Eggplant in Olive Oil – Grilled Finca Pura Vida eggplant with chili peppers $6

Peperonata – Johnson’s Backyard peppers, capers, Texas Olive Ranch olive oil $7

Poached Peaches in Rose Syrup – Lightsey Orchards peaches $6

Grilled Peaches in Basil and Mint Syrup – Lightsey Orchard peaches $6

Fig & Balsamic Jam – home grown figs, balsamic vinegar, peppercorn $7


  1. Sounds fantastic! I picked up some Toscana at Antonelli's the other day - loved it!

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